Becoming a Citizen

Sitting on thursday may 19 at a Starbucks, it wich is one of the best places where I come and write about stuff, I realize that tomorrow I will become American Citizen !

It has been 9 years since I came to this country and I feel this is my second home.

America has change my life and given me a lot of things..

I will take this opportunity to talk about a few things I like of this country and of New York in special, and the reason I wanted it to be part of my life:

I love the way people welcome me when I arrived in this country, the feeling of being a second home, the delis open 24 hours, I love the Duane Reade, the possibility of eat any kind of food: sushi, Thai, Mexican, Spanish ..., the Magnolia bakery, the Chai tea latte, Fedex, steps on Broadway: where I can take class every day at any time. I love Central Park, my equinox Gym, The Piers on the west side , the free and fast internet in a lot of places, how you can do almost everything through the computer...and many more things that I’ll keep adding when I remember them.

I dont think I'm gonna be less Spanish if I am becoming american citizen, Im spaniard of heart. But after working so hard and so many years in this country and to have received so many good things from it and from its people.

I want to live part of my life here and Im very excited and proud to be part of this, marking a difference wherever I go .

So God Bless America !!.