I know that at the end of the day what doesn't defeat you, makes you stronger. (and I think its true). I like to make the best out of a complicated situation, even though sometimes seems impossible to do it.

At least, I know now what I want and I don't want for my future. I want to be appreciated, I want to be part of something good, I want to put all my effort and energy in things or projects that I believe in, and at a place where they believe in me. I know I have a lot to offer and I work every day more and more to mark a difference in everything I do.

I just hope I can have the chance to prove it, and be happy mean while Im doing it. I was always used to have everything planned and very well prepared but right now Im living the day by day, searching for my happiness and trying to be a better person along the way.

Hoping that one day I will achieve both.

I am very grateful to have people in my life that have been always there for me when I needed them, helping me to be strong, and keeping me up on my feet.

I’ll use this post to thank all of them. Because they are amazing persons and they always make my life much easier.