Dance situation in Spain

Right now, I can say that the dance situation in my country its not very encouraging. The economical crisis is everywhere in Europe and cuts of money are happening more and more. And of course, the arts are always affected. So that means less positions available, less opportunities, and less possibilities to comeback. Its a pity because I love Spain !!!

I have so many good memories of my dancing days over there.. In Madrid: La Zarzuela, the Albeniz Theatre (now close) ,The Teatro de La Vaguada (also closed) the Teatro Real. The Tivoli or The Liceo in Barcelona. the Maestranza in Sevilla. The Arriaga in Bilbao. The Jovellanos in Gijon. The Alhambra Gardens in Granada. And many other wonderful places where I have danced and enjoyed their public.

I hope we all can get together and make something positive out of this situation. I know its difficult but Im also feeling it myself, and we are artist! We know what is to have to deal with a problem and solve it. Many times we have to make wonderfull things out of something ordinary and with very little money. But now we need some moral and economical help to do it.

Let's all get together like other organizations does it and fight for the things that we believe in. This is for all of us, the ones who want to make Spain a better place for the arts where there is not only place for soccer, good food and nightlife. But also for cultural things in general: dance, theater, museums, music..

If other countries do it. Why cant we?

Lets try it at least !