Inspiration time

Sitting at Starbucks, listening to Arvo Part and waiting to take the mens class with Peter O'Brien at the Alvin Ailey studios.

Last night I went to see a performance, and after watching the show, I have mix feelings about it.

Why it's so different to watch ballet than to dance it?

When I dance a piece no matter who is the choreographer or how good what Im doing, I make the best of it and enjoy it as much as I can. Some times it's the music that inspires me and other times is was the process of the rehearsals or even the challenge of dancing it. And some times, it's the combination of both things what makes it special.

But as the time goes by and I get older and grow as a dancer, I find it more difficult to be inspired when I watch it. Maybe because I’ve seen a lot, and good shows. But I still remember the felling that I had when after attending to a performance, I just couldn't wait to wake up the next morning and go to class wanting to try the steps that I saw the night before or just to get better in my skills and technic.

I think thats the fun and the hard part of this profession and probably in the arts in general: you are always in the search of inspiration.

What does inspire me?: good dancing, beautiful music, to look at the ocean, the streets of New York, the people that get to achieve important things in life, a great performance at the Ballet or just watch young students work hard in class.

I hope with my passion and dedication in my dancing, I inspired somebody to go to class the next day to become a better dancer and follow their dreams.