Letter to ABT 2011

want to share this letter that I wrote in 2011, after I finish my last Met Season with American Ballet Theatre. It’s part of my life and who I am. I hope you like it.

July 2011,

Dear ABT:

I am sitting down on an airplane coming back home. Its been ten years since I came to ABT and I I leave something behind that I have loved so much and I want to write you a few things that are on my mind right now.

I won’t be at the "end of the year" party of the company but even if Icould, I would not be

able to say this in person to all of you:

I just want to thank you all for the amazing time that I had these years with all of you, inside and outside of the studios and stage.

This company is full of great and talented dancers, but most of all; amazing people that I consider my friends and that for many years I have considered my second family.I know the family thing it’s repetitive and everybody says that, but for all of us that come from other cities and countries to NY, looking for experiences, new opportunities and leaving family and frineds behind: this is the closest thing we have to it.

I hope I have been able to touch and encourage people all these years with my dancing and my persona. I have no doubt that you all have done it to me. And I’m sure you’ll keep it doing to other people.

10 years is a lot of time: I joined as a good dancer, but here I’ve made myself as a bigger artist and had the privilege to experience incredible and irreplaceable moments in my


I will miss the studios at 890 with the slippery floors, the huge windows where you can watch New Yorkers running around, meanwhile you do the barre. Freezing yourself in the winter if you are too close to the windows. The stomping heating radiators, that always start making that noise during the most quiet rehearsals of the day. Those rehearsals with piano music, and of course the people that are always there to listen to our complains, frustrations and jokes all day long for hours and hours: the pianists. I will have to do another post just dedicated to them. For all those hours during rehearsals that got to bond with all of them: Barbara, Gladys, Genna, Thomas…

I will miss Julie and peter telling me to do something in therapy, and end it up myself doing the opposite, thinking in whats better for me.

Andy’s Delivery Guy running around the hallways looking for somebody that has a completely different name that the one they wrote down on the order paper.

Those late rehearsals from 6 to 7, of a Tudor ballet or a character dance, where we got to loosen up and have a laugh, and half of the company is laying down on the floors. (Now on their iPhones)

Sentences like “Be quite”, “Shisssssss”, “good boy”….

The mens dressing room with no space to change at 7pm, when we are all dying to get out of there, meanwhile Kenny is making jokes about Vitaly.

The little dogs running around before and after class, one cutter than the other one.

The class on Halloween day, where I get so excited to see everybody taking class with those crazy outfits that we get to pull off.

The vertical barre at the studio 5 at 890 and at the Met studio, with my buddies: Marcelito, Blaine, Maria and Xiomara….and Marian far away, checking me out if I know the exercise or not.

The Met : That theater, that stage. I’ve spent so many hours before the shows admiring how beautiful the house looks when its empty and how full with people it looks after the show.

The golden curtain where every time you get to go in front of it and get closer to the audience,you get a rush of joy andaccomplishment,

But life goes on, and at certain point in life we all have to take decisions that you never know if they will work out for better or not. Always hoping to be doing the right thing, and most important of all, looking to be happy meanwhile doing what we love.

I hope I will see you soon and you always have a friend here.

Like my nephew would said once to my mom:I Love you so much that my tummy hurts.