My teachers: David Howard


I've been taking David's class at Steps on Broadway for at least 12 years. Almost since I join ABT in 2001.

I love his classes and "I respect him so much as a teacher" which I think it's very important for me to be able to learn.

His class it’s very similar of the ones that I had taken in Spain: coordinated and with a good speed in the exercises. He also does all the combinations that you might need for a class in case you are not performing and you just want to maintain yourself in shape.But what I really like about David, is that even if he’s not correcting me or talking directly to me, just with a simple look, he makes me to do the exercise one more time and push me to do it better.He claps during the class to keep the redeem and this makes it easier for the dancer to keep the speed without getting comfortable. Which is something that we tend to do. (Even more if we are not performing). I've heard people say that David's class might be easier compare to other teacher’s classes. But I disagree with that:I think “it's our job to push and perfection those combinations, not just executing them as a routine”.To do that, we can go the gym instead.I take his classes at steps, Broadway Dance Center and wherever he teaches, because since I came to New York I consider him one of the best teachers.

Thanks David for all these years “kicking my b.. off at class” and help me to get better every day.

Looking forward to many more