My teachers: Willie Burmann

Willie Burmann or how dancers call him: "Willy”, is another reference for me when I think of ballet Teachers in New York. Even a Mentor I would say.

I discovered his Ballet class and teaching method when I moved to New York, because a lot of dancers from ABT were taking his classes at Steps. Among some of this dancers were Julio Bocca,Wendy Whelan or Alexandra Ferri, who nowadays I still have the pleasure to see her taking his class.

To me, the key to take Willie's Ballet class is in the “placement of the weitght of the body and the sensations of the steps”His class is fast, dynamic and energetic , and the people that usually takes it, (many are New York City Ballet dancers) know the exercises because he usually repeats the combinations, except for small changes. Although he always tells you a correction that will make you think and try it again, until you get it right.

The manner he wants you to shift the weight of your body from one side to the other during his combinations, it seems difficult to understand at the beginning. But once you get it (that's something I don’t always get) the feeling of it becomes more clear and easier to achieve his combinations.

He also brings his funny and charismatic personality when approaches to correct to the dancers. It can be a lot of fun, unless it is you the one thataren’t getting the correction done ☺

I have to say that it took me time to understand his method, but nowadays “I enjoy his class very much”.

In general terms, its a class that will make you think about how to approach steps and do exercises in a different way that you might have learned before.After many years taking his Ballet class at steps, I gett it. Even though, some times I feel the results of his work after during someone else’s class and thinking how Willie would ask me to certain step. Lets say "Willies way".

At the end of the day: Isn’t Dancing a group of sensations and feelings in our body that come and goes? So thank you Willie for opening my eyes to a different way to approach a Ballet class.

I think we all have a common and final purpose of control our bodies and become us better dancers, so then, we can forget about it and “Just Dance"