The beginnings of a dream

I have so many memories about my beginnings as a dancer .

When I was 8 or 9, I used to love watching in Spain, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing on TV classic movies. Flowing together through those big rooms, surrounded by beautiful dancers, with shiny costumes and detailed dance steps.

One day after school, my gymnastics teacher said to my mother that I was always moving in class and told her that saw potential in me to do something else: something like gymnastics, dance. Something in where I could use the energies that I showed during the school classes.

So my mother, following the teachers advice, took me to a School of Gymnastics during the summer. I remember that after two classes, I told her that I didn't want to do it anymore. I felt like there was something missing. I wasn't happy and it was very hard. So I stopped the classes and that was my first try.

Later on,my mother sended us my brother and myself to a new dance studio that was very close to the restaurant that my parents had just opened in the center of Madrid.

The famous “Victor Ullate Academy”.

For us, it was the first time we’ve had heard about it, because did not have any dancer in our family.

When Victor came out of his office to see us, he said : “yes, I think he has potential” referring to my brother ....and my mom's answer to him was: “Not, the one that wants to dance it’s the youngest one”

So Victor brought us to one of the studios with a balcony and a glass window where we could see the Ballet class that was happening at that moment without disconcerting the kids.

And as if it was today, “it was that moment”; I remember watching the class full of girls and boys, executing the exercises that the teacher was marking, accompanied by the beautiful music of the pianist. It was so different and new for me...

They all looked very concentrated in what they were doing. And the music , That piano MUSIC !!!

Later in my career I realized that what I love the most about dancing, is to be able to move myselff and express my feelings through the music. And that was what I was missing at the gymnastics.

So right after we watched the ballet class, I said to my Mom: “I liked what I saw and I want to try” and that was it;

Since that day till now I haven’t stopped: And I still Love it.